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DRAGON PEARL - Energy from the torn dimension

When they burned the bodies of the beasts, that attacked them by the Nuselský bridge, they stepped out from the protective dimension of our world. Its variability and strange mist would not let them find the way to Mr. Long´s restaurant in there. On their way, they tried not to catch attention, but still, a few people turned after Ren… They entered the restaurant through the back door and Monik waved to Mr. Long, who was talking to the cook in the kitchen. "What happened?" he asked with concern, when he saw Ren. Then he show them to move to the cellar, because he had some guests upstairs in the hotel and it wouldn't be good, if they saw him in this condition. "The Hourens attacked us," said Ren, when he sat down on one of the boxes under the light bulb, that was hanging in the cellar. Mr. Long helped him take of this coat and the weapons from his back, while he looked at his wounds. "It looks like you have just some surface wounds,... just on


The beast looked at Monik with contempt on his face. He smiled and yelled something. Monik realised, that he was looking somewhere behind her, into the underpass. He was waiting for the Houren, whose lifeless body was lying on the other side. After a while, he was getting uncertain and he passed next to Monik, like she wasn't even there. Every part of her body was yelling, that she should run away, because she didn't know, how did she manage to kill the other beast. Now, she does not have to be so lucky. She ripped herself out of her thoughts and approached Ren. He was in very bad shape, he almost didn't breath and he was covered in blood. Then she heard the beast's angry steps. He was getting closer very fast. Monik took one of Ren's sword from the floor and when the beast stopped behind her, she turned in squad and thrust it into his boot. The beast shouted from pain and he fell on one knee. Then he gave Monik a slap with the back of his hand and she lended

DRAGON PEARL - Attack of the beasts

Monik felt a cold breeze on her feet and she opened her eyes. She fell asleep on the bean bag with her head on the double-bed. The cold rays of the sun were shining into the room and she realized, that it is morning. She lifted her head and saw that the bed, where Lucy was lying, was empty. In that moment, Ren appeared in the door. "Where is Lucy?" she demanded to know. "She is making some food in the kitchen," said Ren with a casual tone and a smile emerged on his face, but just for a moment. Monik lit up with joy and jumped on her feet. She went through the corridor, into the kitchen, where she stopped and looked at her friend, who was making toasts with butter by the sink. After a while, Lucy turned to her and Monik hugged her. She felt so relieved, that she had almost tears in her eyes, but she suppressed them and smiled instead. "Are you ok?" "Yes, I don´t have the urge to kill anyone," said Lucy and Monik laugh. Lucy turned

Self-harm – what kept me from it

From the beginning of this week I felt a need to say something, something important. I wanted to inspire my readers to see the world more positively, but after I visited some blogs on this server, I saw many articles where the authors wrote about their painful life, self-harm, depression… I realized that there is no meaning in writhing about how life is beautiful, because it is not! But at the same time it is not as bad as we often make it. So now, I want to say just one thing - what we need to survive, to have the power to go forward, is a DREAM, that waits for us after the corner. Some realistic desire on which we can concentrate and which realization will become so important to us, that we will not let others get in it the way. How this relates to self-harm? Easily, when we hurt ourselves, we give others around us power over us… they can judge us, gossip or proclaim that we are insane… For me, one of the hardest times in my life, were when I was in elementary scho