DRAGON PEARL - Attack of the beasts

Monik felt a cold breeze on her feet and she opened her eyes. She fell asleep on the bean bag with her head on the double-bed. The cold rays of the sun were shining into the room and she realized, that it is morning. She lifted her head and saw that the bed, where Lucy was lying, was empty. In that moment, Ren appeared in the door.
"Where is Lucy?" she demanded to know.
"She is making some food in the kitchen," said Ren with a casual tone and a smile emerged on his face, but just for a moment.
Monik lit up with joy and jumped on her feet. She went through the corridor, into the kitchen, where she stopped and looked at her friend, who was making toasts with butter by the sink.

After a while, Lucy turned to her and Monik hugged her. She felt so relieved, that she had almost tears in her eyes, but she suppressed them and smiled instead.
"Are you ok?"
"Yes, I don´t have the urge to kill anyone," said Lucy and Monik laugh. Lucy turned back to preparing food and Monik sat down to the small dining table.
"What will you do now?" asked her Lucy while she closed the toaster.
"I will go to Mr. Long and I will get rid of that power…"
"You will not go to school?"
"What is today?"
"Then I have just one three-hour lecture… I will ask for the notes from some of my friends,... it is more important to end this…
"That is good to hear," said Ren, who appeared in the corridor.
"But I will not leave you here," looked Monik at Lucy with a serious look on her face, "you should come with us."
"I have to go see Jaro in the hospital and then I have lectures that I cannot miss," said her friend.
"If you will not be in the apartment, then they will not go after you… I think that they attacked because they felt the presence of the Green dragon´s energy here…" added Ren.
"Can you be sure?" turned Monik to him, but the corner of his mouth twitched. Nevertheless, they didn´t have a choice, Monik had to get rid of that power as soon as possible and Lucy had to go to school.
"Well, then we will go with you at least to the hospital and then in the school it should be safe,…" said Monik finally, hoping that she was right.

They all agreed with her plan and so they did exactly that. They went first into the hospital, where just Lucy visited Jaro in his room, so he will not have questions regarding Ren. After that, they escorted Lucy to the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics. When they were alone, Monik looked at the Albertov stairs, which were leading to her school. She sighed, when she realized, that she will miss another day of school and she will have to catch up,… but she wanted to end that madness,… after all that happened, she needed it to be over.

Suddenly, Ren snatched her wrist and they ran down the street, where they made a sharp turn left on the B. Němcová Street.
"What are you doing?!" yelled Monik, but she hardly finished the sentence, when a huge spear flew into the ground in front of her. The blood started to rush through her veins and as they approached the Nuselský Bridge, she pulled Ren to the right. On their way to the underpass, they found themselves on an open space, which Monik realized too late, for them to change direction. The spear flew near them again and she whooped, when it cut through the air near her head.

When they got to the stairs, Ren let her hand go. Monik ran down into the underpass and Ren pulled out two bent swords from behind his coat. He looked at his attacker, who slowly pulled out the spear from the concrete path. It was a colossal monster, Monik didn't know what it was supposed to be. She felt terrified, when she looked at his face full of hatred, small red eyes and sharp teeth. The man, if you could call that thing that, had just trousers and a armor from bones, which completely hid his shoulders and chest.

Monik barely managed to recover from the shock, when the beast jumped over the railing and immediately attacked Ren. He managed to avoid the tip of the colossal spear, but not the other end of the beast´s weapon. It struck him into the chest and he flew into the wall against the stairs, while his swords fell on the ground. His opponent started to laugh and with a language, that Monik didn't understand, said: "I don't understand, why they warned me about you, you are weak, just as a human…"

The man approached Ren, who had most likely broken ribs and he grabbed him by his hair. He was pulling him to the stairs, where he wanted to smash his skull, but Ren took out a small dagger from behind his belt and he stabbed it into the beast's calf. The monster screamed from pain and he let him go. Ren took the opportunity, he did a somersault to his swords and with ran-up and a bounce from the wall, he jumped into the man's neck, where he rammed his swords just under his armor. Monik saw how the beast fall on his knees and then both of them disappeared. She heard steps from behind and she turned all horrified to the woman, who just wanted to use the underpass. The woman got scared from Monik's face expression, so she rather got around her.

Monik slid down to the ground, and with her heart in her throat, she stared at the wall. Then she heard a moan! She looked out from behind the corner and she saw Ren on the stairs. He was holding his chest and hardly breathing. Monik ran to him and looked at him with so much obvious questions in her eyes, that she didn´t even had to say anything.
"I took him into the other dimension, he is dead,… but the Hourens usually attack in a pack of three, we have to get out of here…"
Monik then helped him get on his feet. They went up a few stairs, when they saw another similar creature in front of them. This was, compared to the first one, smaller and much uglier. He smiled with sharp teeth, that almost didn't fit into his mouth and he had two axes.

Ren´s face got more serious, he straightened up, ignoring his pain and he took out his swords from behind his coat again. Monik then realized, that they were covered in some black fluid. When the beast saw that, he got really angry. He ran to Ren and an intensive fight with swords and axes began. It looked even, but Ren was gradually losing his strength and he was backing into a corner.

Then Monik saw the third Houren on the top of the stairs. Unlike the others, this one wasn't so muscular and he had a weird skull on his head, which covered his face to the cheekbones. When Ren peripherally registered him, he yelled at Monik: "Run!"

He didn´t had to tell her twice! She quickly ran through the underpass, but the beast caught up with her. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to himself. Monik was in shock, she couldn't move and when the beast started to sniff her, she stopped breathing, because a rotten smell came out from his mouth. She was disgusted and frighten to death at the same time. Then the beast suddenly pulled away from her! Monik´s eyes were glowing with a bright green color and the skull on the head of her attacker was starting to crack under the pressure. The Houren let her go and he tried to get the skull off his head, but it wasn't working… The pressure was getting excruciating and he started to scream like an animal to a point, where his own skull broke and his soulless body fell on the ground.

After a while, Monik´s eyes got back their original color and she was just staring at the dead body in front of her. She didn´t know how long was she standing there, without moving any muscle, without a single thought,… but when she heard a terrifying laugh of the Houren, that was fighting with Ren, she as if woke up.

She ran back through the underpass and she saw how the beast smashed Ren´s head into the wall. Ren was covered in blood, but the monster didn´t have almost any scratch.
"Hey!" yelled Monik, what got the beast's attention and he turned to her.
Ren then roughly fall on the ground and from his last strength he mumbled: "You stupid girl,… you should have run away, while you had the chance…"