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DRAGON PEARL - Ren's memories

Monik anxiously looked around, but in addition to the dark gray fog she did not see anything. Sain on the contrary looked enthusiastic, he was in his element and he was looking forward to feed. "So, let's see," and he waved his hand in front of himself. The fog began to form around them into different shapes till they were able to see a beautiful woman, who stood on the stairs of the main house in the Green dragon’s village. The building looked much newer, than Monik saw, but otherwise, it was irredeemable. The woman had very fine facial features, long brown hair in a braid and small dark-brown eyes. Monik was completely captivated by her beauty. "Who is she?" asked Monik quietly. "You don’t have to whisper, she is just a memory," grinned at her Sain. "I don’t know who she is, but this is the first continuous memory of your fighter. Before this, there are just different feelings and images, nothing interesting, but this…" and he made a

DRAGON PEARL - Guardian of the Labyrinth

Ren was seemingly relieved. Monik let him go for a moment, so they can turn around, but then that man emerged before their eyes from the darkness! "Did you really think, that you can get rid of me so easily?" he smiled devilishly. They barely managed to process the fact he’s alive, the man shoved Ren in his chest and he flew into the trap. Monik heart stopped, when she saw, what was happening, but she couldn’t do anything. Her scream echoed through the corridor, when she saw, how Ren’s body disappeared in the dark pit. ------ Monik fell on her knees. She felt her blood stiffen. She was in shock, unable to process what happened. She had pain in her heart, which froze in her mind. She began to process time differently and somewhere in the infinity of her heartbeat, she saw memories, that did not belong to her. "My offer still stands," said the man, who stood near her triumphantly. "The corridors will lead you out of the labyrinth," he added and t


Monik felt like she was stabbed in the heart and she turned around with her flashlight to the voice, that scolded the scary dog. "What did you do to him?!" he shouted suddenly at Monik and he quickly approached the girl, almost bumping into her. Monik stared at the man with shock. He had big round cheeks and semi-long brown hair that fell into his small eyes. After a moment, his mad eyes narrowed even more, he straightened up and he split his hair in half on his forehead, so he can see better. "We will see, what kind of creature are you," he said quietly and he torched Monik’s forehead with his index finger. Through the girl’s body a weird energy passed and the man was flicked as if by electricity. The man immediately pulled his hand away and he confusedly looked at the girl. He was examining her with his strict mad look, until his gaze rested on her left hand. He leaned to her and he immediately pulled up her hand, with the bracelet from Tomen, to his small ey

DRAGON PEARL - Labyrinth

"Ren! Ren! Don't go there! It's dangerous!" echoed Elion´s voice behind them, but Ren ignored him. His determined face, in the weak light of the torches, evoked respect in Monik. He didn't want to be discouraged from his plan, even though he knew, their way through the labyrinth will not be easy. He pulled Monik to the end of the corridor, where he stopped at the bars. He let go of her wrist, took the nearest torch from the wall and opened the squeaky door, that revealed a spiral staircase leading to the underground. Monik swallowed hard, but she followed Ren, who unhesitatingly went down. Monik was lightly touching the wall with her hand and carefully stepping on the stone stairs following Ren´s light. After some time, she stopped for a moment, she looked up from the stairs, so her head can stop spinning, but then she quickly continued, so she will not lose sight of Ren. When the stairs finally ended, Monik was quite relieved and she rubbed her eyes. She