DRAGON PEARL - Guardian of the Labyrinth

Ren was seemingly relieved. Monik let him go for a moment, so they can turn around, but then that man emerged before their eyes from the darkness!
"Did you really think, that you can get rid of me so easily?" he smiled devilishly. They barely managed to process the fact he’s alive, the man shoved Ren in his chest and he flew into the trap.
Monik heart stopped, when she saw, what was happening, but she couldn’t do anything. Her scream echoed through the corridor, when she saw, how Ren’s body disappeared in the dark pit.

Monik fell on her knees. She felt her blood stiffen. She was in shock, unable to process what happened. She had pain in her heart, which froze in her mind. She began to process time differently and somewhere in the infinity of her heartbeat, she saw memories, that did not belong to her.
"My offer still stands," said the man, who stood near her triumphantly. "The corridors will lead you out of the labyrinth," he added and turned to leave.
But Monik did not listen, she was processing fragments of the Green dragon’s memories, about the man with the terrifying hound.
"Saint," she said quietly staring into the ground and the man stopped in surprise. He looked back at the girl, who was kneeling by the trap, where her companion fall. He felt how the air in the dark hallway has changed, something was not right.

Monik slowly lifted her head and the man's eyes widened, when he saw her look with the Green dragon’s power. The girl got up and looked at him, with a look that he didn’t see for a very long time. The man grinned and sighed.
"I cannot fool you. Follow me," he said, and he went down the hall from where they came.
Monik was confused by his words, she shook her head and breathed heavily. She touched her chest and tried to suppress the gripping feeling, that went through her body. After that, she ran after Sain, who lead her to a circular hall. Unlike the previous hall, this had only three ways to choose from and it was quite narrow. On the wall there were torches, that light up instantly when they entered.

Because of the memories from the Green dragon, Monik knew exactly, where they are - in Sain’s chamber. He was able to transport here his victims, through the walls, effortlessly. The walls were therefore embedded with, already ossified, bodies of different creatures, whom she could see only their head sticking out. Monik’s eyes were looking for Ren and after a while, she found him. She carefully approached him and she touched his face - he was unconscious and very cold.
"Let him go," she said calmly staring at Ren’s face.
Sain was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and he made a grimace, when she commanded him.
"Come on," he whined, "at least a little... Do you know, how long has it been, since I had visitors?"
"Well, perhaps this is the reason, why nobody wants to come down here," said Monik.
The man was curious: "What else do you know?"
"What do you mean?" she looked at the man.
"According to, what is written on that bracelet, I thought you have limited access to the Green dragon’s power, and yet... you know who I am."
"I don’t know exactly, how the bracelet works. I just know, that it allows me to develop the dragon’s power, so when the time comes, I can give it, at full strength, to the successor."
Sain started laughing: "Are you serious? To the successor of the Green dragon’s power?"
Monik’s mouth twitched, she didn’t understand, what was his problem: "Yes."
The man rubbed his face and strangely smiled: "And what do you know about me?"
"I feel, like I know you... I know you're not bad. You were created to protect this labyrinth - from its own walls. You are made of mud as Baltazar, yet you are different..."
"Yes, I do not slobber," joked Sain, but Monik ignored him.
"I saw how you bowed to me... well, not me exactly, but to the Green dragon. You swore loyalty to him and you promised, that you will not use the villagers as your meal!” and she pointed at Ren.
"Nothing will happen to him."
"Sain! You live from the memories of those you catch. This is a fairly unpleasant experience, where your prey relives again its past. And of cose, you consider your prey’s worst memories as a delicatese and you play them over and over again, until your victim collapses!”

Sain frowned, he pushed his hair from his eyes and looked at the girl unwillingly.
"Why do you care about him so much? It's just a warrior... in the northern tribe you will find tone of them to accompany you!”
"Ren is the brother of the successor of the Green dragon’s power. No other warrior will be as motivated to find the heir, like him!"
"But, are you sure, that he is really so motivated as you think? Let's take a look," his eyes flashed with a dangerous thrilled joy and he grabbed Monik's wrist with one hand, and with his index finger on the other hand, he touched Ren’s forehead.

Monik felt as if someone hit her from behind in the back and knocked all the air out from her lungs. When she looked around, she saw just a dark gray mist and Sain, who was standing next to her. He was clutching her wrist, so she tried to yank herself out of his grip.
"I wouldn’t do that, if I were you," said the man, "only if you want to get lost in your friend's memories."
"What did you do?" she looked at him sternly.
"I just want to make sure, that you are not wrong about Ren. I want to help you..."
"You want to feed," she snorted at him angrily.
"Well, that is just a bonus. Look, it will take just a moment, and if you're right about him, I will let him go. Or, you no longer believe in him?” he teased Monik. The girl nodded angrily after a while, in a sign that she agrees, because she didn’t have much of a choice. She was in a world, where the rules were determined by Sain. While he does not want the leave Ren’s mind, they are not going anywhere. She only hoped, that Ren will have some memories, that will show his loyalty to his brother, otherwise, he will become Sain’s food supply.