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DRAGON PEARL - Unlocking the Green dragon's power

Next morning, when Monik was washing her teeth in the bathroom, Lucy peeked in there. "Hey," she said and Monik nodded to her in the mirror, as a greeting. "Did Ren tell you, what background story, I made up for him yesterday?" Monika spit her toothpaste and turned to her excited friend: "Not yet, he is still asleep." "I covered everything, that could Kamila ask him," and she held up a paper, which she was holding in her hands. "So, the basis is, that Ren is my cousin from Slovakia, right?" But she did not wait for Monik’s nod, she just continued. "His super sexy figure," she said with a slightly muted voice, so Ren will not hear her by accident, "is explained by the fact, that he is a former student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Bratislava." Monik nodded, with her toothbrush in her mouth and an expression that said - it sounds good. "After finishing his studies, he decided to travel


On Monday, Monik went to school, because she had a life of her own and she didn’t want it to revolve only around training, that should prepare her for the transition to another world. She studied Chemistry at the Charles University, which was no walk in the park. As if that was not enough, she passed to the second year of her studies with the lowes necessary credits possible, so she really needed to catch up this year. The discovery of the dragon pearl thus didn’t help her with her student life. Monik’s day began with exercises in physics, but even, when she wanted to pay attention, she could not stop thinking about the Green dragon in her vision. He was majestic and radiated energy that overwhelmed all her senses. When she plucked herself out of the trance, the boys told her, that she was in it for a long time and they tried to get some more information out of her, about what she saw - but she could remember just the dragon. Tomen was convinced, that the dragon communicated with h

DRAGON PEARL - The training

"We'll start with physical training, so you can warm up. Ren, you can take over," and with that Tomen stepped back. Ren rubbed his face, he was not excited about this. He predicted, that Monik will be completely impossible and he didn’t have the nerves for it, because he was constantly tormented by his thoughts about the fate of his brother and the eastern tribes. "Ok, go run around that building and I will try to come up with a training plan,” he said finally. Instead of running, Monik began with stretching. "What are you doing?" Ren looked at her, slightly shocked, when she started to lean forward, in her functional tight leggings, right in front of him. Her flexibility caught his eye and for a moment, he completely forgot, what did he asked. "Well, I have to stretch a bit, otherwise I will be sore tomorrow," she said, while pushing her weight to a nearby tree. Once she felt ready, she ran to the dojo. Thanks to her jogging trainin

DRAGON PEARL - Tomen's origin

Monik looked at Tomen with a doubting smile. He will train her? Is he serious? After his words, she looked at Ren, but he didn't even twitch… they were serious! "The park, under that big bridge, will be a perfect place for you training," and with that he bypassed her. "We will meet there, when the sun will be highest. Till then, I will prepare the terrain," and he left the apartment. Monik turned to Ren with an open mouth and he broke away from his thoughts. Tomen´s words tormented him, according to his vision, his brother was captured and they couldn't help him… "What is happening again? Who was that?" said Luci from the door of Monik´s room. "Ren?" When Monik addressed him, he sigh and went to sit down on the coach, that he slept on, in Lucy´s room. The girls followed him and they sat down not far from him, on the bed. "So? Who was that boy? Why did you kneel down before him?" asked Lucy and Monik surprisedly lo