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Dear readers of the Dragon pearl. I have news regarding the story - not that I will not finish it, but since I realised, that I really would like to make it a real book and publish it - I will have to add and rewrite some scenes to make my characters better. This means, that first I need to finish the story in Slovak and then edit it. So I decided to stop the first draft´s translation (I didn't knew that this will be just the first draft) - because it is much of a work if I know, that I will redo it. I really hope, that you will wait a bit (I am planning on publishing the story in Slovak around March 2018) - and after that I will jump on the book´s version translation. I hope you will wait, but if not, I just want you to know, that I really appreciate all of your support, and if you have some notes to the chapters you see publish here, I will appreciate the feedback - to know what to change/add.