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DRAGON PEARL - Abduction

Teaser Monika was gasping like after a long run. She was not in shape at all, and in her head she was crouching every single step she had to make to the door of her apartment on the third floor. Her regularly white cheeks were now completely red and her hands full of shopping bags with food, for which her roommate sent her to have privacy with her boyfriend in the flat. Because Monika refused to make another move to put her shopping bags on the ground, she struggled to pull out her keys from her jeans. Her chestnut-brown hair was falling into her face, as if in a protest, until she unlocked the door. Subsequently, from the last of her forces, she tapped with her foot into the door and she barged into the apartment. “Hello!” she yelled in a slightly raised voice as she dropped the shopping bags to the ground. She closed the front door of the apartment and took of her black coat that she had hung next to the others on the corridor. Monika and her friend Lucia rented


she confides in you with a smile full of joy and you start criticizing! she cannot tell you anything you turn her words against her and don't stop till she starts doubting herself nothing is good for you but look closer… see that similarity? you still judging? now you know… you are looking into a mirror! all those things that you said… YOU should do them! now you are silent? it is not so easy, right? you rather accept self-deception everything is all right just so YOU do not have to face change…

you got me!

I said NO but you didn't stop you conjured a smile on my face but I will not let myself fall for you so easily jet you saw the breakthrough how my NO transformed into a MAYBE you slowly sneaked into my heart not with cheap flattery with something else you made me feel appreciation and power it was like a drug I didn't want you to stop and in that moment, you got me!


one look in the mirror and my wrinkles tell my life's story scoring from the hard times but also from the winning smiles they speak about a curly road about my guardian when by carelessness I throw away the chance for a better life I was kneeling on the floor with broken pride and tears on my face it was an eternal moment but I hoped it will never end because I didn't want to give up hope even if I didn't have strength then you gave me what I needed me my first road ended there was no going back but you defined me not with words but with a feeling I got up from the floor with a new power in my heard because of my guardian

shadows of the past

shadows of the past are whispering in my ears about the beautiful moments we had my heart is weeping because they are gone back then, my smile was important and you tried to conjure it especially in hard times what changed? I am drowning and you rather look away? you think you are running but you are standing still you cannot outrun your burdens I have to take them! and you don ' t even want to see it! how long can I take this? living just from the shadows of the past…

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true love

I always wanted to feel love that sweet bliss so I can have a silly smile on my face when I think about him but what happens after the dream came true? when the love fades and the desire burns out when everything that was beautiful goes into dark you will see a rose twist around your hands with thorns cutting through your skin was that always there?! you yank your hand and feel the pain but also his gently squeeze which gives you the strength to transform your wounds once again in love