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DRAGON PEARL - In the northern tribe

Then the image vanished before their eyes and Monik remained standing there with an open mouth. She felt how Ren’s pain went through her body. He could not have been more than eight years old, when he survived such a horror. "Was this enough as a prove to you?" she turned for a moment to Sain. On one hand he seemed to be satisfied, fed, on the other hand she saw disappointment in his eyes - because now he will have to let Ren go. Thus, without any word, he waved his hand and they found themselves back in his chamber. He let Monik’s wrist go and the wall around Ren’s body began to dissolve - after a while, his body fell on the ground face down. Monik immediately sat down next to him, unhooked his weapons and she turned him on his back. He looked very bad - his skin was pale and ice cold. Monik looked on his wounded leg, which was still slowly bleeding. She sighed from exhaustion, but she tried to focus, so she can heal him - after a while, she realised, that she just doe