DRAGON PEARL - In the northern tribe

Then the image vanished before their eyes and Monik remained standing there with an open mouth. She felt how Ren’s pain went through her body. He could not have been more than eight years old, when he survived such a horror.
"Was this enough as a prove to you?" she turned for a moment to Sain. On one hand he seemed to be satisfied, fed, on the other hand she saw disappointment in his eyes - because now he will have to let Ren go. Thus, without any word, he waved his hand and they found themselves back in his chamber. He let Monik’s wrist go and the wall around Ren’s body began to dissolve - after a while, his body fell on the ground face down.

Monik immediately sat down next to him, unhooked his weapons and she turned him on his back. He looked very bad - his skin was pale and ice cold. Monik looked on his wounded leg, which was still slowly bleeding. She sighed from exhaustion, but she tried to focus, so she can heal him - after a while, she realised, that she just doesn’t have enough strength. She glanced at her digital watch, which showed 4:35. She put her hand to her head and she tried to think of something, but it was difficult to collect her thoughts.
"I need to get him to the northern tribe as quickly as possible, he lost a lot of blood," she mumbled for herself, but Sain heard her and he carefully squatted next to her.
"It will be fastest on Balthazar's back. He will take you out from the labyrinth faster, than you know it. Don’t worry, he knows the way," he smiled at her and he looked at the wounded warrior. It felt strange to look at an adult male from his vision... Usually, he didn’t let his victims go and yet, he wasn’t feeling sorry. Although, he would still like to feed on him, he had a feeling, that Ren will have more - juicy - memories to feed on, if he just lets him go - for now.

Monik smiled on Sain gratefully and her gaze suddenly stopped somewhere behind him in the dark corner. She slowly stood up and after a while, she realized, that she sees her backpack. Monik immediately went for it, and she pulled out the first aid kit. Although she was unable to heal Ren, she wanted at least stop the bleeding.
She approached her wounded companion again and she put the box on the ground. She pulled out a small bottle of disinfection and she tried to clean Ren’s wound with it. Although, it didn’t do much, because all off the mud, that he was covered in, it was better than nothing. Then she opened with her teeth a package with clean bandage and firmly cast his leg.

Meanwhile Sain explained Balthazar, what he wants from him and when Ren was ready for transport, they put him on the dog. Ren laid over Baltazar like a bag of potatoes, which Sain thought was really funny, but when Monik looked at him with an angry expression, he stopped smiling.
Without any further debate, Monik packed the first aid kit into her backpack and she even somehow managed to put Ren’s weapons in there, then she put the bag on her back. After that, she sat on Baltazar, behind Ren and she patted the creature on its head. Although it was formed from mud, she didn’t feel it - on touch it was like a normal dog’s fur.
"He will take you to the exit, but watch over him for me. He cannot go on the light."
"Why?" Monik asked in surprise.
"We are made out of mud, the sun would petrifie us. We share this destiny," and he sadly looked at his friend.
"I'll watch out for him, thank you," she gave him a smile and waved goodbye. Baltazar then ran out of the chamber, as if on cue.

He ran through the corridors of the labyrinth in an incredible speed, like he didn’t even feel the additional weight on his back. Monik held Ren with one hand, while she had the flashlight in the other, with witch she was trying to shine through the dark corridors. But Baltazar didn’t seem like he needed the light, so after some time, she rather held onto his fur, while she let the flashlight dangle on her left wrist.

She felt like in a dream. Their journey was incredibly smooth, like she wasn’t even sitting on the back of a huge animal. She focused her eyes on the bobbing flashlight - it reminded her the bulb in the basement of Mr. Long’s restaurant... the day they kidnapped Lucy and she met Ren. She never seen him before, and yet, he was so rude - she knew it was because of his brother, but only now she really understood. Now, that she re-lived one of his worst memories, she began to understand, who HE really was.  

Embedded into the flow of her thoughts, the time quickly passed and they found themselves in the corridor, at which end she saw light. Monik felt so relieved, that she almost fell off Baltazar. The dog noticed it and significantly slowed down, so now it was only walking. Monik stroked his head and before they reached the place, where the rays of the sun were entering, she commanded: "Stop."
Monik slowly slid from its back and she grabbed Ren by his leather jacket. She was able to pull him down easily. He almost fell on the ground, but she managed to push him to the wall.
"Ren," she was softly slapping him, when he began to slide to the ground. That was when Baltazar turned to them and pressed his head against Ren’s chest, holding him to the wall, so he will not drop.
"Thank you," Monik smiled at the dog and she slapped Ren further, while she raised her voice.
"Ren." He confusedly opened his eyes and Monik throw his arm around her neck, so she can support him. "Come on, we're almost there, just a few steps, you can do this..." Ren didn’t really get what was she saying, but Monik saw, that he was trying to stand on his own. Thus she nodded to Balthazar, to let Ren go - that she got him.  
"Thank you Baltazar, I can handle it from here," and she gave the dog a pleasant smile. It seemed to her, that the creature slightly bowed, then it disappeared in the dark labyrinth.

Monik breathed heavily. She felt tired like never before. She had her backpack full with Ren’s weapons on her back, plus she was supporting Ren. But the light at the end of the tunnel gave her strength and she stepped towards the exit. Ren was walking like a drunk, barely even conscious, but at least Monik was able to pull him.

When they got out of the labyrinth, Monik was struck with a strong light in her eyes and she had to stop to get used to it.
"Stop! Immediately!" shouted two male voices, but Monik didn’t see them, she was still blinded by the light.
"How did you get here?!" asked one of them in panic. "Get on your knees and put your hands behind your heads!"
"You didn’t hear him?!" said a second voice and Monik felt how the other guy hit her leg with something and she fell on her knees. Ren slipped out of her grip and fell on his side.
"Hands on your head!" shouted the man behind her and nudged her with something.
"I am really not in the mood right now," mumbled Monik through her teeth angrily, but she obeyed and put her hands behind her neck. In the distance, she heard some other voices and the image before her eyes slowly began to clear.

She saw villagers approaching, but most of them stopped at a safe distance, except for one man. He didn’t look much older than Monik, but he had a strange energy full of maturity and wisdom. The young man had short black hair, darker skin and he was wearing a loose green tunic with brown pants. He wasn’t the sexyest man Monik saw, but still, when he approached her, she felt power like never before. He squatted to her and scrutinizingly started to look at her with his dark brown eyes.
"Who are you?" he asked, while he showed with his hand to the guards to step back. At first they hesitated, but then they obeyed.

Monik rather than responding by words, awakened the Green dragon’s power and her eyes changed. The young man was surprised, promptly stood up and gave her his hand, to help her stand up.
"I welcome you to the northern tribe, Green dragon."         

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