Just a memory - part 5

And here is the last part of the comix version of my story Just a memory (true story from 2009) . It is not a dramatic teenage ending, but real, the way it really happened. First part        Previous part Thank you for reading and do not forget to follow me on Instagram , where I am the most active. 

Just a memory - part 4

This part is the core from my article Just a memory (true story from 2009) . In this part of the comics I also made some background. I think I am going in the right direction… The only downside is that this part took me longer to make, but I think it was worth it. First part       Previous part       Next part

Just a memory - part 3

I tried to color the shadows and light differently than in the previous two parts and I think I am going in the right direction. What do you think? Is it better? First part Previous part Next part

Just a memory - part 2

I really like how the janitor turned out, but I am not fond of the coloring, I will have to try something different again… any tips? Previous part       Next part

Just a memory - part 1

So this is the first test of my comics drawing skills. In the comment section please let me know if it is obvious what is happening in the panels, if the displayed emotions are clear, but most importantly, what do you think about this colorining? Next part

News of 2022

I greet you, my dear wondering soul, I don't know what brought you here to my extremely inactive blog, but I welcome you!  To be realistic, I think this entry is more for me than for you. The reason is, that I have no illusions of someone else coming to this site... but it doesn't matter.  I wanted to create this entry so that, despite the covid's shutdown, this blog still fulfilled its original role, which was to be the unifying unit of my work. Originally, I mainly focused purely on writing, but nowadays I have an urge to visualize my stories.  At first, I just wanted to do some illustrations to advertise my book, The Dragon Pearl (published in Slovak), but I've been doing various courses on Adobe programs for over a year, and I recently completed an intensive character drawing course. My drawing is far from perfect, but it has leveled up.  I am definitely the most active on Instagram (there it really pays off to follow me), where you can see the progress of my drawi

Edited chapters

Dear readers, my book is out in Slovak for a month or so ­čść Also my final exams are over, so let’s get to my amateur book translation. The chapters that you will see in this article are rewritten and put together to form whole chapters. Teaser Chapter I - Abduction ( part 1 , part 2)