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DRAGON PEARL - Sleepless night

Monik put her mobile on the commode by the door and she looked at Ren. She saw, that he was broken inside, when he went and sat down on the chair by her desk. Her heart was pounding, she didn't know what to say to him. What he did for Lucy,… she couldn´t find the right words… ------ After a while, she turned on her heel and went out to the corridor, where she took the first aid kit from one of the closets there. She felt a little uneasy, but she went back to her room and sat down to the end of the double-bed, so she can be close to Ren. "Give me your hand," she said, distracting his troubled thoughts. When she took down the bloody tissues from his wound, Ren was already looking out of the window again. Monik was surprised, the wound on his hand wasn't bleeding anymore and it was almost closed. He is healing faster, than a normal human, concluded Monik and she took out some disinfection and cotton wool from the first aid kit. When she started to clean his

DRAGON PEARL - The curse

After all what happened, Lucy felt really tired. The abduction, Monik ' s crazy explanation,… it was too much for her in one day and she didn't even realize, but the whispering voice in her head was getting stronger. When she was waiting for the boiling water in the kitchen, she got into an apathetic state and she clearly heard two words - kill him - and she knew that she couldn't let Ren leave the apartment alive. ------ She pulled out the biggest knife from the wooden knife-holder and she suddenly felt really calm. She didn't feel tired anymore, rather happy. Her mind was clear and she didn't doubt her determination to kill Ren. She went to the corridor, where she heard how Monik was talking in front of the apartment with their neighbor. Monik tried to convince old Mrs. Ivičič, that the stairs, from which Jaro fell, are not life threatening and she doesn't have to call the manager of the building. Lucy quietly walked through the corridor. She pass

What is the story - DRAGON PEARL - about?

From the story: "Behind this world, that you know, there are many others. In the one, which is closest, there rule four tribes of dragon descendants. The rulers draw power directly from their forefathers, dragons, who don´t have their material bodies anymore. Thanks to a recent conflict, the Green dragon´s power handover ceremony was interrupted… To protect his power from falling into wrong hands the Green dragon put his power into a pearl and he transferred it to this world,… to this dragon…" Monik was stunned, she didn't realize, that he was talking seriously. She thought that it was just some fairy tale, maybe a commercial, that he will use to promote his restaurant, but then he looked at her with a deep look. It was hypnotic and after a while, she realized, that she couldn´t move… "I came here, to choose someone from this world, to help me take back the power of the Green dragon, to the world which it belongs. It should have been Jacky and not you,… bu

DRAGON PEARL - The iron dragon

Monik had a lump in her throat. She didn't want Ren to kill that man, but she couldn't make a sound. Then she saw, that they were again in park Folimanka, which she knows - full of colors. She looked up to the treetops, so she will not think about what Ren is doing. She was glad, that it was over, but she didn´t know how wrong she was… The second kidnapper was watching them from afar and then he returned to his master. "My lady, everything went according to the plan. Ren was also with them, like you expected and we managed to infect her friend before they came…" ------ *** Monik looked away from the trees, when Lucy went down from the hill stroking her wrist, where the rope tore her skin. She wanted to go after her, but her legs froze. What could she tell her? She was so sorry, that she dragged her into this, but she couldn't undo it,… an apology wouldn't solve anything. Ren´s voice ripped her out of her thoughts: "Now it's your t

DRAGON PEARL - Slumbering danger

"Your friend was abducted and you don´t know how to use your abilities to find her… Ren will happily help you…" continued Mr. Long, but Ren chimed in. "That is not happening! I should help her and she will do nothing?! I don't think so…" and he looked at Monik scornfully. "If you want my help, you will go with me to my world. Just then will this nightmare end for both of us and you will get your friend back." "Fine," said Monik unwillingly. She knew, that she will regret her decision, but she didn't have any other choice. ------ She looked into Ren's face, expecting to see a winning smile, but he just continued to look at her with his sniffy expression. "Let's get this over with,… I don't want to waste my time in this world more than necessary…" and he went to the stairs leading out of the cellar. At the railing he took a log stick with a colossal blade on its end and Monik lost all the color from her