DRAGON PEARL - Slumbering danger

"Your friend was abducted and you don´t know how to use your abilities to find her… Ren will happily help you…" continued Mr. Long, but Ren chimed in.
"That is not happening! I should help her and she will do nothing?! I don't think so…" and he looked at Monik scornfully. "If you want my help, you will go with me to my world. Just then will this nightmare end for both of us and you will get your friend back."
"Fine," said Monik unwillingly. She knew, that she will regret her decision, but she didn't have any other choice.

She looked into Ren's face, expecting to see a winning smile, but he just continued to look at her with his sniffy expression.
"Let's get this over with,… I don't want to waste my time in this world more than necessary…" and he went to the stairs leading out of the cellar. At the railing he took a log stick with a colossal blade on its end and Monik lost all the color from her face. She literally jumped next to him and almost yelled: "You are kidding, right?! You seriously want to run around Prague with that weapon?! Are you crazy?! The police will catch us and with your stories for explanation we will be sent to a loony bin!"
Then Mr. Long stepped next to them and he nodded in agreement.
"Miss Monik is right Ren, you will have to leave that here."
"And what about those?" she asked, when she saw his other weapons attached to his back.
"If I leave these here too, then the chances, that I will save your friend without any harm, will significantly decrease, especially if there are more kidnappers."
Monik became uncertain and nervously looked at Mr. Long, who started looking for something in the boxes by the wall. It didn't take him long and he pulled out a long brown coat from one of them.
"Put this on, now it should be all right,… but to be sure, avoid the police," he added, when Ren had the coat on.

Ren nodded and ran up the stairs out of the cellar. Monik went after him and she had to almost run, to stay beside him. He raced through Prague's small streets like he knew exactly where to go. Monik was suspicious about that and after he jumped in front of the third car, she grabbed him by the sleeve and pulled him to the sidewalk.
"Slow down! Do you even know where are you going?"
"You don't see it?" he asked her confusedly, like she just pulled him out of concentration. Then he turned his head to the way he was originally going and in that moment Monik saw how his eyes color changed. She was frightened. It looked like his pupils expanded through his iris which wasn't visible anymore! She remembered her roommate's kidnapper's message - Dragon eyes see the way - these were the dragon eyes?

He plucked himself out of her grip and continued to track what she could not see. After approximately twenty minutes they got into a park. Monik felt something familiar on that place, but where they are, she figured out just when she saw the outer pillar of the bridge they were approaching. They were in park Folimanka, near her apartment.
"They are here," said Ren with his hand behind his coat, ready to pull out some of his weapons.
"What? Where?" asked Monik when she looked the way he was looking. "Behind those bars in the pillar?"
Ren sighed heavily and took a step towards Monik. He put his hands on her shoulders and looked in her eyes. At first, she was embarrassed, she didn't know what he was trying to accomplish, but then she saw the same thing as before. His pupils slowly widened to the point she couldn't see his iris. That look transported her into some kind of a trance and she felt how her limbs went limp, and the ground shook. For a moment everything before her eyes darkened and when she was aware of her surrounding again, it changed,… the world was grey. All the colors from her surrounding vanished, but not just that! The trees, which were around them before, were also gone and from the walls of the bridge the graffiti vanished too. Down from the hill she didn't even see, because everything was covered in a strange fog and the air cooled down.
"What happened? Why…" but she didn't finish the next question, because Ren interrupted her.
"We don't have time for this,…" and he stood behind her. "They are behind those bars and they are expecting just you. Go! And don't get into my way…" Then he pushed her, but when Monik turned to him with her angry question - what should she do - he was already gone.

Monik was horrified. She didn't know what to do or what is waiting for her inside… Then she remembered her conversation with Mr. Long after the incident, which led her here… He said, that they will come for her because of that power,… but they need her alive… That´s why she decided to negotiate with a cool head until Ren emerged and took out the kidnappers. So she gathered all her courage and went to the bars.

The plan was good, but when she saw Lucy unguarded by the bars, the only thing that went through her mind was, that she had to quickly get her out from there! She tapped softly into the bars and they outrageously squeaked.
"Can you be any lauder?" whispered Lucy ironically. She sat on the floor with bound hands and legs. Monik frowned and she slipped through a small crack.
"Are you ok?"
"I will be, when you untie me and we get out of here!"
"Ok, just a moment,..." and she started to untie the ropes.
"Well, well, you really thought it would be so easy?" asked a man from behind her with a weird laugh, which was suddenly strangulated. Monik turned around and she saw how Ren is holding a slightly bent machete to the man´s throat.
"Yes," hissed Ren through his teeth. "How many more of you are there?" But the man remained silent even when Ren pressed his machete on his throat so much, that it started to slightly bleed.
"There were two of them, but the other one left after they brought me here," answered Lucy.
"Go outside," said Ren, with a serious look to Monik, but she didn't move. Lucy on the contrary immediately obeyed, she got up and she even dragged Monik out of there.

Monik had a lump in her throat. She didn't want Ren to kill that man, but she couldn´t make a sound. Then she saw, that they were again in park Folimanka, which she knows - full of colors. She looked up to the treetops, so she will not think about what Ren is doing. She was glad, that it was over, but she didn´t know how wrong she was…

The second kidnapper was watching them from afar and then he returned to his master.
"My lady, everything went according to the plan. Ren was also with them, like you expected and we managed to infect her friend before they came…"

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These are the pictures from park Folimanka, where my story takes place. Here was Lucy held captive - in the other dimension this looks a bit different, but these pictures are just for you to help imagine the story better. 😉

The first picture is from Katerina, whose work you can see on her Instagram. The other two pictures are from me. 😇