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sheep in a suit

you are standing over me with that look on your face what do you want to prove? that you know better? you are just a sheep in a suit following dogmas you don't know your own truth and you are telling me, how it should be? why is being different so bad? are you afraid, that you missed something? you have too much power… from others why did they give it to you? they all see just the tip of their nose? me either? …if I choose the beaten path it will put me in the herd… but I don't want that! I don't know who I am but I will jump! I am afraid I don't know, if I survive but why be like others?! is it worth it to deny yourself for success? I didn't do it… I still don't know who I am, but I am not a sheep… what will YOU do?

Just a memory (true story from 2009)

It was the first day of my last school year on high school. I was the class leader for the past three years and I can say that this post did not help me to be very popular. But that day, the beginning of the year, was my chance to change it all… I had a totally new sexy image, high heels and a confident look on my face. And it was working! The cutes guy from our class was standing in front of our classroom, and he was checking me out! I felt that this can really be my year! He looked at me with his perfect cheekbones and teasing smile: "Hi." I almost melted, but kept my cool confident look: "Hi…" BUM! That was it, without a warning… I slipped on the waxed floor and hit the door! Needless to say, that Mr. Charming had a good laugh at me and the only thing that left for me was to bang my head to my desk, when I sat down. My perfect opportunity for a great new year went out with that door I hit. *** The next day, one of my classmates, had her birth

Introduction of the blog

Welcome! My name is rainorchid and you just clicked on the best literature side on this server! You don't believe me? Just choose a category and read something. Why is it called "moje-farby-en"? Because it is a translated version of my Slovak blog "moje-farby" (which means "my-colors"). The original Slovak version ensembles my old stories and modifies them into something new, and exciting. I have also some new pieces published there, but more importantly, I will finally finish my stories! So on this side, you can read some of the translated pieces from the Slovak page, which are close to my heart. Take a look at my stories and enjoy. Remember, all the stories, poems and drawings on this side are my work and copyrights apply! ------------------------------------------- P.S.: If you find some grammatical errors in the texts, please write me a comment - thank you for helping me make this side even better!