Introduction of the blog

My name is rainorchid and you just clicked on the best literature side on this server!
You don't believe me? Just choose a category and read something.

Why is it called "moje-farby-en"? Because it is a translated version of my Slovak blog "moje-farby" (which means "my-colors").
The original Slovak version ensembles my old stories and modifies them into something new, and exciting. I have also some new pieces published there, but more importantly, I will finally finish my stories!
So on this side, you can read some of the translated pieces from the Slovak page, which are close to my heart.

Take a look at my stories and enjoy. Remember, all the stories, poems and drawings on this side are my work and copyrights apply!

P.S.: If you find some grammatical errors in the texts, please write me a comment - thank you for helping me make this side even better!