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DRAGON PEARL - Mysterious boy

It was a peaceful night, after which a sunny Saturday came, even though, it was the middle of October. Monik was boiling water in the kitchen, when she heard someone knocking on the front door. When she looked out of the eyelet, she saw a small boy. She thought, that he got lost, so she opened. "Hi, are you looking for someone?" "Yes, I am looking for this man," and he showed her a printed identikit with Ren´s face. ------ Monik lost all her colour from her face and her heart started beating very fast, because she heard some noise from behind Mrs. Ivičič door. Without any hesitation, she grabbed the boy by his top and pulled him into the apartment. After she closed the door, she looked through the eyelet and nervously waited. Mrs. Ivičič then opened the door and she let out her cat: "You are making a mess Napoleon, go take a walk," and with that, she went back to her apartment. Monik felt relieved, but then she ralised, that the boy is s

DRAGON PEARL - Why is a half naked man standing behind you?

Police in Prague is looking for a man with swords. The witnesses gave a horrifying statement . ------ Monik lost all colour from her face, when she read the headline of the article. She excused herself and she left Jackie by the table. Lucy was following her in the back of the restaurant through the kitchen, to the hallway, where were the stairs to the cellar. Lucy closed the door behind them and she looked at her friend with questions written all over her face. "What the hell happened? I thought that you were coming here with Ren to figure out, how to cross to that other world." But Monik ignored her and she ran through the preamble of the article with her eyes: Today, by the Nuselský bridge, a young couple survived a walk of horror. In a shocking interview for our newspaper their stated, that they found a dead body and they probably met the murder. News about a man in a long coat covered in blood were confirmed also by other citizens. Monik scrolled on th