DRAGON PEARL - Mysterious boy

It was a peaceful night, after which a sunny Saturday came, even though, it was the middle of October.
Monik was boiling water in the kitchen, when she heard someone knocking on the front door. When she looked out of the eyelet, she saw a small boy. She thought, that he got lost, so she opened.
"Hi, are you looking for someone?"
"Yes, I am looking for this man," and he showed her a printed identikit with Ren´s face.
Monik lost all her colour from her face and her heart started beating very fast, because she heard some noise from behind Mrs. Ivičič door. Without any hesitation, she grabbed the boy by his top and pulled him into the apartment.

After she closed the door, she looked through the eyelet and nervously waited. Mrs. Ivičič then opened the door and she let out her cat: "You are making a mess Napoleon, go take a walk," and with that, she went back to her apartment.
Monik felt relieved, but then she ralised, that the boy is standing behind her.
"Well, then, once again, hi," and she turned to him, "what did you need?"
"I came after him," and he showed her the identikit again.
"And why are you looking for him?" she asked nervously, while she tried to smile.
"I have to tell him something about his brother," he answered seriously. Monik just then realised, that he was wearing some strange clothes. He had a grey half-cloak top and white bell pants with sandals.

In that moment, the door from Lucy's bedroom opened and Monik turned to Ren. She was surprised by his shocked face, but after a while, he just thrown himself to his knee with his eyes pointed into to floor.
The boy approached him and started to stare at the man in front of him. For a while, nobody said a word and Monik was very confused: Why is Ren kneeling down before him?
"You look weird," said the boy and Ren felt ashamed, because of his new look.
"Well, we needed to cut his hair, so the police will not identify him, according to that picture you are holding in you hands," said Monik nicely, before Ren could look at her with a killing stare. "Could you explain to me, what is going on here?"
"Yes, I came to help you." Then he showed Ren, with his hand, to stand up. "I had a vision about the successor, he was captured… You received the word about it in time and you went to save him, but they broke him. He didn't have the strength to unfold the Green dragon's true power and that meant the end of the eastern tribes."
When the boy paused, the tension in the room could be cut with a knife. The boys vision foretold everything, that Ren was afraid of. The blood in his veins stiffened and the words of destruction echoed in his mind.
"The destruction of the Green dragon´s power would disturb the balance of many worlds, that is why I came to help you," said the boy with a smile.
"What could we do? Do you know, where my brother is?" asked him Ren, with hope in his voice.
"Chasing the shadow of your brother is not a good solution, you could make things even worse. The solution is HER," and he pointed at Monik.
"What could I do?"
"You have to wake up the Green dragon's full power. Then it will be accessible to the successor in the battle, when the time comes."
"She can't do that. If she would use the Green dragon´s power more frequently, it would become a part of her and the power handover ceremony wouldn't be possible," said Ren sadly.
"That is why I brought this," and he pulled a wide tinny bracelet from behind his belt. Monik stepped to him and took the bracelet from him, so she can have a better look. It looked like an ordinary piece of metal with engraved symbols, which rim was decorated with copper wire. "We made this, in order for you to use the Green dragon's power and at the same time, it will suppress it to the point, that it will not emerge with you."

Monik gave the bracelet to Ren, who also took a look at it. He didn't know every symbol on it, but he knew, that it contained some very powerful magic.
"Guardian," the boy turned to Ren. "Do not look for your brother. We need this time to wake up the Green dragon's power, without it, the eastern tribes are lost."
Ren just nodded in agreement and the boy turned now to Monik. "I am Tomen and I will lead your training."