Just a memory (true story from 2009)

It was the first day of my last school year on high school. I was the class leader for the past three years and I can say that this post did not help me to be very popular. But that day, the beginning of the year, was my chance to change it all…

I had a totally new sexy image, high heels and a confident look on my face. And it was working! The cutes guy from our class was standing in front of our classroom, and he was checking me out! I felt that this can really be my year!
He looked at me with his perfect cheekbones and teasing smile: "Hi."
I almost melted, but kept my cool confident look: "Hi…" BUM! That was it, without a warning… I slipped on the waxed floor and hit the door!
Needless to say, that Mr. Charming had a good laugh at me and the only thing that left for me was to bang my head to my desk, when I sat down. My perfect opportunity for a great new year went out with that door I hit.


The next day, one of my classmates, had her birthday. We, a few girls from the class, prepared a surprise for her in the form of a small gathering in the near pizzeria.
One of the girls went with her for a walk, till we had everything prepared and then she brought her to the restaurant. We jumped out jelling: "Surprise!"
She was shocked! For the next 10 minutes she was just sitting on the chair and shaking her head with a joyful smile. She couldn't believe that we prepared all that just for her.
As I watched her, I realized that I don't need the love of all my classmates… or a perfect first day at school… this small group of friends was all I need, to have a great new school year…