sheep in a suit

you are standing over me
with that look on your face
what do you want to prove?

that you know better?
you are just a sheep in a suit
following dogmas
you don't know your own truth
and you are telling me, how it should be?

why is being different so bad?
are you afraid, that you missed something?

you have too much power… from others

why did they give it to you?
they all see just the tip of their nose?
me either?

…if I choose the beaten path
it will put me in the herd…

but I don't want that!
I don't know who I am
but I will jump!
I am afraid
I don't know, if I survive
but why be like others?!

is it worth it to deny yourself for success?

I didn't do it… I still don't know who I am, but I am not a sheep…
what will YOU do?