On Monday, Monik went to school, because she had a life of her own and she didn’t want it to revolve only around training, that should prepare her for the transition to another world. She studied Chemistry at the Charles University, which was no walk in the park. As if that was not enough, she passed to the second year of her studies with the lowes necessary credits possible, so she really needed to catch up this year. The discovery of the dragon pearl thus didn’t help her with her student life.

Monik’s day began with exercises in physics, but even, when she wanted to pay attention, she could not stop thinking about the Green dragon in her vision. He was majestic and radiated energy that overwhelmed all her senses. When she plucked herself out of the trance, the boys told her, that she was in it for a long time and they tried to get some more information out of her, about what she saw - but she could remember just the dragon. Tomen was convinced, that the dragon communicated with her and he passed his memories and experiences to her - therefore her training got more intense on Sunday. Ren brought his collection of weapons and taught her, how they are handled. He and Tomen hoped, that with the use of the weapons, some memories will pope up, but nothing happened. At the end, Monik was so exhausted from the physical training, that she even fall asleep during her meditation with Tomen.

After her exercises in physics a three-hour lecture on organic chemistry followed in a large lecture hall. Monik sat down in the back. She did not go to the front, to her girlfriends, because she was too tired to make up lies about what did she do on the weekend. But she later discovered, that it was not a good idea to sit in the back - very soon she fell asleep. She had only the first thirty minutes written down from the lecture and it was not very readable.
"I thought, that you will come to learn," said a mocking voice next to her, when she woke up. Monik looked with bulging eyes at Ren, who was sitting almost next to her.
"What are you doing here? You were supposed to wait for me outside," she said in exasperation. In the morning, for about an hour, she was trying to convince him, to let her go to school alone. When he did not allow it, they agreed, that he will guard her from outside the school, so her girlfriends will not see him and not start asking questions about him.
"Yesterday, you argued, that we can not train today, because you have to come to classes... and what do you do, when I check up on you? You sleep like on Tomen’s meditation”
"Excuse me, but I wrote what is on the board," and she pointed at her notes, which she produced.
"Yes, but that is from the beginning of the lecture, what about the other stuff?" he was grinning at her phlegmatically and pointed at the full board.
Monik was offended, then she looked at him suspiciously: "Since when are you sitting here? Why did you not wake me up?”

Then, a short girl, with short black hair and a cute face, approached Monik.
"Hi Moni, why did you not sit with us?" her friend asked with reproach in her voice.
"Oh, hey... well, you know, I was tired, so I did not want to sleep under the professor’s nose..."
"You had a busy weekend?"
"Yes, one can say so," smiled Monik convulsively.
"I brought you the notes from Friday that you asked for,” said the girl, while digging them out of her bag.
"Great, thanks a lot," said Monik and she took the workbook from her.
"Vero? Can we go?” asked a girl from behind and Monik waved to her classmate, Kamila. Veronika didn’t even managed to answer Kamila, when she registered Ren.
"Hey, you. I've never seen you before. I'm Kamila," she smiled at Ren coquettishly and Monik’s face was instantly pale. Kamila was a really pretty girl, with long brown hair to her waist, no man could resist her.    
Ren cleared his throat and said: "I am Ren."
"What a strange name," she smiled at him and she managed to circumvent Monik and sat down on the free chair between them. "Where are you from, and how do you know Monik?"
"This is my roommate’s cousin from Slovakia, he came for a visit and he wanted to see our school," entered their conversation Monik.
"Kamila? We need to go…” reminded her Veronika and Kamila sigh. Ren was a real catch for her and she didn’t want to loose her chance.
"Oh yeah, sure, so..." and she quickly looked around herself, grabbed Monik’s booklet of organics chemistry, her pen and wrote down her phone number. That part of the booklet, with her number, she then torn off and handed it to Ren.
"Call me," she said with a smile and went with Veronica out of the lecture loom.
When they were gone, Monika finally began to breathe normally again and looked at Ren, who was looking at Kamila’s number.
"What do I do with this?" he asked Monik and she nearly fell off the chair, he doesn’t even know what a phone is!

After school, on the way home, Monika explained Ren, what’s a mobile phone, and that Kamila was hitting on him. He had a very weird face expression the whole time she was explaining him these two things, so she didn’t know, if he understood it.
When they arrived to the apartment, Monik most dispassionately as she was able, asked: "What will you do now?"
"Nothing," he said and sat down on the sofa, on which he usually slept.
"Hello. What are you two talking about?" looked out Lucy from the kitchen, where she moved to learn - she needed a change of scenery.
"You know, Ren, did not listen to me. He came into the school and Kamila couldn’t leave her eyes of him."
"THAT Kamila?" Lucy’s eyes almost fell out of surprise, because she knew, that that girl, can get with a snap of her finger, any man she likes. “And? What? Will they go on a date?”
Monik tried to hide the joy, when she said: “No, he is not interested.”
"Really? But, isn’t that strange? Kamila is usually not refused by guys. I think, it could raise unnecessary questions.”
Monik sighed. "Ren, Lucy’s right," she looked at the young man, who was devoted to grinding his knives. Every time, he was in the room, he was doing this. Monik tried to accustom him to watch TV, so he will not get on her nerves with this, but he didn’t like it. "You'll have to stop going to my school, because you only needlessly arouse attention. A normal single guy would not refuse Kamila.”
"Then, I'll go on a date with her,” he said, and the girls looked shocked at him. When he realized the silence, he got up and looked into Monik’s eyes: "I will not leave you without protection until you can not use the Green dragon’s power... you can change the color of your eyes, a couple of times you manage to fight really good, when the power awakens in you, but that is not enough. While I go on a date with Kamila, you will be with Tomen, so I will know, that you're safe.”

Monik felt, like her heart is beating somewhere in her throat. While he was talking to her, he was looking directly in her eyes, he was so captivating.
"So, how do I use this?" he asked, while he pulled, from the back pocket of his trousers, Kamila’s phone number.
Since Monik remained frozen, Lucy took the number from him.
"It will not be so easy," Lucy said, "we must first figure out your backstory."
"I told Kamila, that he is your cousin from Slovakia, who came to see the school."
"Well, from Slovakia… wait,... how is it possible, that you can speak Slovak?” Lucy looked at him suspiciously.
"With tears of the fairies from the forest Niú."
"What?" Lucy was surprised and Monik also raised an eyebrow.
"In my world, deep in the forest Niú, live mute fairies, who can communicate only if they give you one of their tear. After you drink it, you understand their thoughts. When I arrived into this world, Mr. Long prepared a decoction from such a tear, so I can communicate with the person, who will transferre the Green dragon’s power to the other side.”
"That is so cool... we could be rich from those tears. Just imagine Moni, we would not have to learn foreign languages," whispered her friend.
"The tear is not good for long-term use and it lasts only until you use that one language," said Ren.
"Too bad... Well, let's go prepare for your date, we have to think it through," said Lucy and she dragged Ren into the kitchen.
"Shouldn’t you learn for your exam?" snapped Monik at Lucy.
But she only smiled back with: "Oh, yeah, but I'm so tired of it," and she disappeared around the corner with Ren.
Monik remained standing in the hallway alone and a strange feeling stabbed her in the heart. She took her school-bag from the ground and went learning into Lucy's room.