DRAGON PEARL - Tomen's origin

Monik looked at Tomen with a doubting smile. He will train her? Is he serious? After his words, she looked at Ren, but he didn't even twitch… they were serious!
"The park, under that big bridge, will be a perfect place for you training," and with that he bypassed her. "We will meet there, when the sun will be highest. Till then, I will prepare the terrain," and he left the apartment.

Monik turned to Ren with an open mouth and he broke away from his thoughts. Tomen´s words tormented him, according to his vision, his brother was captured and they couldn't help him…
"What is happening again? Who was that?" said Luci from the door of Monik´s room.
"Ren?" When Monik addressed him, he sigh and went to sit down on the coach, that he slept on, in Lucy´s room. The girls followed him and they sat down not far from him, on the bed.
"So? Who was that boy? Why did you kneel down before him?" asked Lucy and Monik surprisedly looked at her - how does she know that? "That old door of yours, has a big keyhole," she whispered to her friend with a smile, as if she knew, what was she thinking of.
"Are you learning from Mrs. Ivičič?" teased her Monik, but Lucy answered just with a snort, that meant, that she was better in spying, than their old neighbour.

Ren waited, till they stopped whispering and then he started explaining: "Tomen comes from a race called Bai, who protect the balance between worlds. They even pulled the protective dimension on this world. They belong to the most powerful race, that I know."
"You want to tell me, that the little boy, that hardly was eight years old, is one of the most powerful creatures, that exist?" asked Monik in shock.
"The form, in which you saw him, is one of many, that he can appear in. I don't even know, if his race has its own look, they usually do not show themselves. In those special occasions, when they appear, the situation is very serious and they usually take a human form, according to the age, that suits their evolution."
"What do you mean by that?" Monik didn't understand.
"Bai live outside time itself. In human years we are speaking about centuries. Tomen chose a very young appearance, so I am assuming, that he lives just around fifty years."

The girls opened their mouths in shock.
"Wait, if Tomen is so strong, how is it possible, that he got through the barrier of this world? The rules do not apply to the Bai?" asked Lucy.
"I don't know. They created the protective layer, they can have some exception, or Tomen could have crossed because of his age. Maybe his power is not that big, that the barrier considered him as a threat."
"That barrier let through also the Hourens, and they were also pretty powerful," said quietly Monik, when she thought about those beasts.
"Either way, Tomen is here to teach you. Now it is not just about my world. If Tomen's vision comes true and the balance between power shifts, it could change everything," Ren stopped and sighed.
"What could happen?" asked Lucy the question, they both thought.
"The destruction of the Green dragon´s power, like one entity, would realise tremendous energy. Many believe, that it would spill into different worlds, which could then emerge, or be destroyed. Others believe, that one of the drgons´ descendants would be able to absorb this energy. Nobody knows for sure, but it would change the worlds as we know.
Many creatures want your world, because it is very rich and I am not speaking about the different kind of technical achievements, that you have here. If the Green dragons power would absorb one of the dragon descendants, he would, without any hesitation, destroy the protection layer of your world and rule over it."

Silence filled the room. Then Monik jumped of the bed. She approached Ren and reached for Tomen's bracelet. Ren was holding it the whole time in his hands and as he was answering the girls questions, he was turning it in his hands and studied it with his eyes.
"None of that will happen. We have a solution, I can do this," said Monik and when Ren gave her the bracelet, she put it on her hand. First, she didn't feel any difference, but after a while, the bracelet started to grow together!
"Fuck! I should not have put it on my hand!"
Ren jumped to her, so he can help her get the bracelet off, but when he touched it, it gave him an electric shock and he pulled his hand away. The bracelet´s ends grew together.

Luci and Ren approached Monik with concern.
"Are you ok?" asked her Lucy.
"Yes, I think, that it doesn't do anything else… for now."
"When the sun will be at the highest, we will go after Tomen to the park, we will see what can he tell us about this," said Ren and Monik just nodded. She tried to pull the bracelet down again, but it didn't move.

After a quiet late breakfast, Monik and Ren went to park Folimanka. The last time, they were there, they had to rescue Lucy from the abductors from another world and now, Monik´s training was supposed to be here. She had mixed feelings about it. Before all of this, she loved this park. It was a beautiful place for a walk, but after the abduction, she looked at it differently…

Monik sat down to the concrete hill with benches and Ren started to nervously walk near her. She was looking at him with interest. Now, that his hair was cut, he looked like a normal jung man from her world. While it has to be noted, that Jaro´s simple black shirt and jeans were looking good on him.
"Where is he?" said Ren anxiously, when Tomen appeared in front of them from the thin air.
"You are on time, excellent. And I can see, that you already put the bracelet on, I am glad."
But you didn't tell me, that it will grow to me," said Monik , when she stood up.
"After we began your training, you mustn't take the bracelet of. This way, you will not be tempted… So, can we go?" and before they were able to answer, he stepped between them, put his hands up on their shoulders and he transported them to the other dimension.

Now it looked completely different, than the last time. Everything was shining with beautiful rich colors and many of the surrounding stayed there, like the concrete hill with the branches, all the swings and also the memory lamp turned to the sky. On the contrary, the sport hall disappeared and a beautiful dojo was standing on its place. In front of the dojo was a small rivulet with a small brick bridge. It looked like from a fairytale, that was bordered from every side with a strange grey fog.

Tomen jumped on one of the swings and he strated to turn on it. "How do you like it?"
"You did this?" asked him Monik with wonder.
"Yes," he replied proudly.
Ren on the other side wasn't that thrilled: "Why am I here?"
"You will help me," said Tomen still turning on the swing. "You helped your brother with his training, it is just right, that you will help in this case."
"But I trained my brother from a very young age. I cannot do the same with her in a short amount of time," protested Ren.
"Monik learned a local martial art, that is called karate, right?" said Tomen, then he jumped of the swing and looked at Monik.
"Well, that is true, but I stopped, when I was in high school."
Ren looked at Tomen with a face expression that said: you see.
"Don´t worry. Now you have the Green dragons power inside you. It is the spirit of the eastern tribes' forefather, who does not have a physical body anymore and not just him… all the successors, that had this power before you.
After the ceremony of the power transfer, the successor's soul becomes a part of this power, that is why he can draw from, not just the energy of his ancestors, but also from their experiences and memories.
That is also why you have to wear THAT bracelet, so the power will not emerge with you, because then it cannot be separated. With the bracelet on, you will be able to access the Green dragon's power like a true successor, while you don't have to worry about the consequences.
So the fighting skills are already inside you, not just from your childhood, but also from the spirits of the leaders of the eastern tribes."
Ren´s malcontent face expression faded, but Monik got a bit scared. There are some spirits inside her? Do they have power over her? Will she hear voices?
"Are you ready to start the training?" smiled at her Tomen and she nodded a bit uneasy.