DRAGON PEARL - Energy from the torn dimension

When they burned the bodies of the beasts, that attacked them by the Nuselský bridge, they stepped out from the protective dimension of our world. Its variability and strange mist would not let them find the way to Mr. Long´s restaurant in there. On their way, they tried not to catch attention, but still, a few people turned after Ren…

They entered the restaurant through the back door and Monik waved to Mr. Long, who was talking to the cook in the kitchen.
"What happened?" he asked with concern, when he saw Ren. Then he show them to move to the cellar, because he had some guests upstairs in the hotel and it wouldn't be good, if they saw him in this condition.
"The Hourens attacked us," said Ren, when he sat down on one of the boxes under the light bulb, that was hanging in the cellar.
Mr. Long helped him take of this coat and the weapons from his back, while he looked at his wounds.
"It looks like you have just some surface wounds,... just one of them found you?"
"No, there were three of them, but I wouldn't be here, if Monik didn't help…" As Ren said Monik´s name for the first time, she felt a strange tingling. "She managed to use the power from their armor against them and she somehow healed my chest."
"What do you mean?"
"I am sure, that my lungs were pierced…" Mr. Long then started to check his chest and he just shook his head.
"But the Green dragon cannot heal," said Mr. Long confused and he turned to Monik, who got scared from his sudden move.
"Miss Monik, can I?" and before she could reply, he took her hand to his own, took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Monik looked at Ren like she wanted explanation from him, but Mr. Long already plucked himself out of concentration and he looked at her.
"Now I understand, why the Green dragon chose you," and a big smile emerged on his face.
"And will you tell me?" asked him Monik, when he just continued to look at her with his silly smile.
Mr. Long let her hand go and he started to explain: "Earth was created as a safe harbor for people. It should have been a peaceful place without magic, where humans can evolve… To ensure this environment, a protective layer was pulled around this world, so it can protect it from dangerous creatures, that would like to rule here. But that usually didn't stop these creatures from trying to cross over... Every time, when they tried to pass through, the protective layer torn a bit. Their force usually wasn't enough for them to cross, but the that have been created allowed the energy from the other worlds to pass through and it was then absorbed into young souls… That is why some children have special powers. It is not so unusual, but they are just children, who don´t know how to use their abilities and their parents do not believe them. So they don't develop their powers and that's why they disappear… I think that you were one of these children, because I can feel the residue of the healing power in you, but I don't know, how is it possible, that you still have it in you… For just even this small part of the energy to stay in the body, you must have been using your healing ability for some time…"

Mr. Long then looked at Monik and he was waiting for some explanation. She just snorted because she thought, that he was telling nonsense, that she would known, that she had some power,... but then she remembered something…
"When my father was coming down with a cold and his head hurt, he wanted from me to put my hand on his forehead,... so that way I can SUCK out the illness from him,..." said Monik and she looked at Mr. Long, who was totally shocked from her words.
"What does your father do? How could he have known, that he has to develop your ability?"
"He is teaching karate… He read many books about buddhism and some martial arts,... I think there was also something about the energy flow in the body, which he thought you can manipulate. That is why, when I put my hand on his forehead, I had to visualise how I suck that illness out of him and he felt better afterwards. While I was smaller, I believed that I was making him feel better, that I am helping him,... but then it was just irritating to do, because I thought that he was feeling better because of his BELIEF that it is working."
"Unbelievable,... how long did you do this for him?"
"Maybe till high school…"
"Fantastic," said Mr. Long with a big smile. "Your father strengthened your ability, that you gain from the torn dimension. You gave it up after, but still, a part of it remained in you. The Green dragon had to sense it… Healing others is a very rare ability and when he chose you, he could strengthened it and get it also for himself…"
"So now, when she gives the Green dragon´s power to my brother, he would be able to heal?" asked Ren.
"Yes," nodded Mr Long. "Although, I don't know how effectively,... because she didn't heal you fully,... but that can be caused because of the fact, that the Green dragon´s power is not fully awaken…"
"It is not fully awaken?" asked Monik, because she didn't understand.
"When the Green dragon decided to lock his power into the pearl, it went through some kind of hibernation, that is why you do not have access to his full power…"

Ren then painfully hissed and they both looked at him. It seemed that his body stopped blocking the pain and he started to feel his wounds.
"I will make you a decoction, you should lay down till then," said Mr. Long thoughtfully and he went out of the cellar.
Ren tried to stand up, but every part of his body started to scream from pain and he ended up back on the box. Monik looked at the old mattress, which was under the cellar´s small window and she remembered the night, when she was smoking waterpipe with Jacky there. She approached Ren, helped him stand up and get to the mattress.
"I don't understand, how could you move with your injuries," she said quietly, when he was laying.
"Because I am not human," he replied with a sweet smile and fell immediately asleep.
Monik was shocked by his words… Yesterday she saw, when she was nursing his hand, that it closed pretty quickly, but that he is not human… She took his left hand and took of the plaster from it. She was expecting to see a scar, but there was nothing, his hand was completely fine. Then she heard steps on the stairs and she got up.

Mr. Long approached them with a cup of the decoction, which smelled really terrible and Monik stepped aside.
"What is that?"
"It is a special healing cocktail - he will be up and running around in no time," said Mr. Long with a big smile and he put the cup next to Ren, on the floor. "We will leave him to rest, come," and he led Monik to the stairs.
"Mr. Long," she stopped him before they left the cellar, "actually, we were on the way here, so you can tell me how to cross to the other side. I want to get rid of that power as soon as possible."
"I am afraid, that you will have to wait," said the old man, while his always present smile disappeared. "I was not able to contact Ren´s brother, which means, that they are after him… If you would go to the other side now, you wouldn't be able to give the power of the Green dragon to the successor and we will just play into the enemy's cards."
Monik lost all the color from her face, the curse, that they put on Lucy, was really a trick to get Ren´s blood and they could go after his brother.
"So what now?" she looked hopelessly on Mr. Long.
"I will tell Ren about his brother, when he wakes up. And regarding the journey to the other world, we should wait… until then, Ren should stay by your side. The Green dragon´s power is now very unpredictable, next time you don't have to be so lucky…" Monik just sadly nodded and she followed him out of the cellar.

When she was upstairs, suddenly she didn't know what to do. Should she go to her apartment? What if someone attacks her again? Her legs started to shake and she had to hold on to the wall. She felt gloominess, her life was falling apart… At the beginning she wanted to run away, she didn't believe that that this could be real… and now it went too far. Ren´s brother was in danger and it was all because she was ignoring the situation… She felt so bad, she wanted to make it right - somehow, but not to wait!

Mr. Long suggested to Monik, that she should stay at his restaurant and so she did exactly that. She ate something and later Jacky came from school, and joined her at her table. He told her how he loves Prague and he helped her take her mind of her troubled thoughts…

In the afternoon Lucy invaded the restaurant and she showed her mobile into Monik´s face. Monik was first confused, then she realised, what is she showing her. It was a drawing of a suspect - Ren! Monik took Lucy´s phone and she scrolled on the title of the newspaper article:
Police in Prague is looking for a man with sword. The witnesses gave a horrifying statement.