The beast looked at Monik with contempt on his face. He smiled and yelled something. Monik realised, that he was looking somewhere behind her, into the underpass. He was waiting for the Houren, whose lifeless body was lying on the other side. After a while, he was getting uncertain and he passed next to Monik, like she wasn't even there. Every part of her body was yelling, that she should run away, because she didn't know, how did she manage to kill the other beast. Now, she does not have to be so lucky. She ripped herself out of her thoughts and approached Ren. He was in very bad shape, he almost didn't breath and he was covered in blood.

Then she heard the beast's angry steps. He was getting closer very fast. Monik took one of Ren's sword from the floor and when the beast stopped behind her, she turned in squad and thrust it into his boot. The beast shouted from pain and he fell on one knee. Then he gave Monik a slap with the back of his hand and she lended on the ground. The Houren pulled the sword out of his leg and tried to stand up, but when he put his weight on the leg, the wound torn and he ended on his knee again.
"You bitch! You will pay for this!" he yelled at Monik with a language, that she didn't understand, but she knew what was he saying. He grabbed her leg and pulled her to himself. Monik started to wildly kick, but it wasn't helping against the beast,... he wanted to punch her with his fist, when he froze.

Ren raised his head and he looked with amusement on that scene. The beast tried to move with all his strength, he was even sweating, but it was like something was holding him by his arms. The Houren started to yell at Monik again, when she heard Ren's voice.
"What are you waiting for? Run away! Go after…" but when she turned her bright green eyes on him, he couldn't finish the sentence.
Monik quickly spammed and came to him. "I don't know how long will this hold him,... quickly, come!"
Ren wanted to detest, when she helped him get up, but she stopped him before he could say anything: "I will not leave you here, we are close to the restaurant. Just come!"

They hardly climbed the stairs, which lead from the underpass. Monik looked at the Houren, he was still under her spell, but she knew, that the further they go, the less effect will it have on the beast and it will go after them. Although she damaged his leg, his anger will fuel him.

Monik tried to support Ren as well she could, so they could move faster, but he was in very bad shape. He was beaten and slashed all over his body, but the worst, were his pierced lungs. If he would be a normal human, he wouldn't be standing right now, but even now,... he felt the taste of death on his tongue. He wanted to tell Monik, that she should leave him there, that he is just slowing her down. But when he looked at her fighting face expression, he knew, she wouldn't listen.
Monik knew very well, in how bad condition Ren is, because her hand was on his chest and she felt his broken bones under her fingertips. But in her head, she didn't want to accept the truth…

In that moment, they heard a scream and they both felt how the horror rushed through their veins. They knew, that the beast was able to move again and they were just a few meters ahead.
Monik then had just one thought in her head: Ren, please hold on,… hold on till the restaurant,... you will be alright!
Ren then felt how an excruciating pain rushed through his body and he had to lean on the wall of the building, that they were passing, so he will not fall. He touched his chest and after a while, he realised, that it is easier to breath. He was surprised and he looked at Monik. She didn't understand what just happened, but she had those bright green eyes again… What happened? Did she heal him? Although, not fully,... he was still beaten and slashed, but his lungs and chest were fine.

Ren looked on the road behind them and he saw the Houren in the distance - he just came out of the underpass. Also an auto driver saw the beast, he was so shocked, that he lost control of his vehicle and almost hit a streetlamp. Ren knew, that he had to do something, so he suppressed his pain and ran back to the beast. The Houren was surprised, when he saw that his opponent was running towards him, but he was glad, that he doesn't have to go after them. So he just waited for him with his axes.

When that fool was near enough, the Houren flicked with his axe. Ren avoided his strike and he jumped at the beast, then they both disappeared. Monik ran to the underpass and she was looking around, when she noticed Ren's swords. She ran to them, because she knew, that Ren has now a disadvantage in the other dimension. She put her hands on the weapons, which were covered in the Houren's black blood and she thought about Ren - the swords immediately disappeared.

Monik was surprised, that she managed to use the Green dragons power on purpose and then she remembered the beast, that she killed. His body was still lying on the other side of the underpass and she needed to send it to the other dimension as well, so nobody will discover its body.
She got up from the ground and went through the underpass, but it was too late… Near the beast a young couple was standing and the man was already calling the police. Monik felt panic! How will the people explain this creature from another world? Will they think, that it is some human experiment gone wrong? It will be definitely chaos in Prague!

Then someone touched her shoulder and she had to hold her mouth, so she will not scream out,... it was Ren. Except for some surface wounds, he looked fine and Monik felt relieved. She looked at the couple again, that was waiting near the Houren's body and her smile faded.
"It is too late, they called the police," she shighed.
But Ren didn't care and he went out from the underpass. The couple first just peripherally registered him, but when the man realised, that he is approaching them, he got nervous. He already felt uneasy from the colossal dead body, that was lying in front of him. But Ren scared him even more and he immediately ran away with his girlfriend.
"Nice job!" said ironically Monik, when she approached him.
"What? I didn't hurt them," he said defensively.
"You are covered in blood and you have swords in your hands,..." plus you have a long brown coat and you look like a homeless person on a killing spree, she added in her mind.
"At least they are gone," replied Ren and he hid his swords under the coat and he squatted to the Houren. He put one hand on the dead body, gave the other one to Monik and he transported them to the other dimension.

Monik looked around. Everything was covered in a grey fog,... the only thing that she saw, were the dead bodies of the Hourens, that Ren killed.
"What is this place?" she asked curiously.
"This is the protection layer of your world… It is a changing dimension, that was created, so it will hold of the powerful creatures that want to pass."
"It doesn't work very well," she snorted, while she was looking at the beast, by whom Ren was squatting.
"Hourens are not as powerful as you think, they are just able absorb the energy from the bones of the demons, that they killed. That is why they are so dangerous and that's why they got through to your world. And as I can see,..." and he looked at the beast that Monik killed, "you used their defence against them."
"What do you mean?"
"The Green dragon can manipulate with the inner power of everything, that does not have a mind of its own… For example, he can control the growth of trees, or like in this case,... the power in the bones. The creatures, that Hourens usually hunt are so powerful, that when they make armors from their bones, they can absorb their supernatural energy long after their death. Because of this power in the bones, you managed to crush this one's skull," he showed at the Houren from which he stood up, "and you trapped the other one in his own armor, that´s why he couldn´t move."

Ren took the Houren by his hands and he pulled him to the others. From behind his belt, he took out a small dagger, that helped him in the fight with the first Houren and he turned it in his hand so he was now holding its blade. He separated the end of the handle and from the small hollow space at the end, he took out a bit of blue powder, which he lavished on the dead bodies. Ren put the end of the holding back to the dagger, took a step back and they, as if on command, started to burn with blue flame.
"Purifying fire. It will burn the bodies and their soul will return to the world they came from," he said.

For a while, they were just looking at the flames, that were consuming the bodies of the Hourens. Then Monik turned to Ren. Her eyes were staring at his chest, when she quietly asked: "So, the Green dragon is also capable of healing?"
"No. Healing powers are very rare. I don't know how you did it, but you don't have it from the Green dragon…"