DRAGON PEARL - Monster behind the gate

"There are refugees by the gate from a nearby tribe, we wanted to let them in," whispered Malen to Ren who then, down in the dark, noticed a little girl and a wounded man, who she was helping to stand.
"It's a trap," said Ren seriously.

Monik collected her strength and ran up to the stronghold. She stopped near Ren and she looked down. Her heart was racing because she ran, but now, when she saw the forest, it almost jumped out of her chest. With the power of the Green dragon in her eyes she saw not only the beautiful yellow energy stream of the trees, but also a dark force, which filled the forest. It was like staring at a nightmare. The darkness was taking the shape of the animal spirits, whose bones the Hourens used for their armor. Monik felt, like through the bones is still flowing some life, but at the same time, she seen how the Hourens are sucking out of this energy… they were still killing their prey.
"What do you see?" asked Malen cautiously Monik, after he saw her bright green eyes.
"The stronghold is completely surrounded... there is a lot of them..." she whispered.
"Malen, why did we stop? The girl and that wounded warrior needs our help, we have to let them in," a man approached the commander.

Malen had a lump in his throat. He knew, that if they don’t open the gates, the girl and the wounded man will be mercilessly killed by the Hourens. But as he looked at her ragged little body, he just couldn’t give the order that would lead to her death. At that moment, through her small frail body a long spear flew. Its tip dug into the ground with the girl’s body hanging on it. She was dead instantly and the wounded man, who she was sustaining, heavily fell on the ground. Everyone looked with shock at that scene.
"Ren?" a horrified man looked at him and if Malen wouldn’t stand in his way, he would attack the young man without hesitation.

Monik hardly breathed and a tear appeared in the corner of her eye. Peripherally, she saw that Ren threw that spear, but she didn’t want to look at him, so she could deny that it was him. Suddenly, out of the nearby bushes, they heard a shrill laugh and a monster appeared next to the little girl's dead body. It was much larger than the Hourens, which Monik saw in her world. He was over two meters tall and he wore an armor from giant animal bones, that had covered almost his entire body. His small red eyes began to scour the peak of the stronghold - he was looking for the man, who ruined his plan of attack.
"Impressive aim," he said after a moment, looking staring up. He stepped to the dead girl and he pulled the spear out from the ground with her little body still on the weapon. In his large hands she looked like a doll on a toothpick. Monik felt sick, when he jerked the little girl’s body from the spear and tossed it aside like trash.
"If you beg nicely, they will maybe let you in," said the Houren to the wounded man on the ground and he stabbed him with the spear in his hand. The man cried out in pain and Ren clenched his fists - anger was flowing through his wains.

The Houren slowly turned the spear in the man’s wound, then he pulled it out and stabbed him in the leg. The guards from the stronghold fired arrows on the beast, but they were repelled by the invisible aura of his armor of bones. The monster grinned to himself and stabbed the weapon again into the man’s body. Ren, then forcibly took from the nearest guard his spear and he threw it toward the man on the ground. But this time, the Houren caught the weapon in the air. He didn’t intend to allow him to kill his other bait...